AIC 2008 Interim Meeting, Colour –Effects & Affects
Hotel Rival, Stockholm, Sweden, June 15-18, 2008
Ohh…Green! How ‘reen Architecture’is affecting the chromaticness of our built environment
Atelier Cler Etudes Chromatiques, Paris
Media Façades –Architectural Color in Motion
PhD arch. Justyna TARAJKO - KOWALSKA
Cracow University of Technology PK, Cracow University of Economy UEK, Poland
The Colour Management in social housing
Lisbon XXI Century
Maria Cristina PINHEIRO
APC – Associaç ã Portuguesa da Cor, Secretary
Unidcom IADE – Unidade de Investigaç ã em Comunicaç ã e Design
Dissertation for Master degree on Colour for Architecture, FA.UTL, Lisbon.
Simulation of Emerging Color Arrangement of Cityscape and Psychological Evaluation
Taiichiro ISHIDA and Hideki TANAKA
Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering,
Kyoto University
Colour Preferences for Facades of Detached Houses in Japan
Sari YAMAMOTO*, Seiya INOUE† Munenori Ota‡and Kiyoshi NISHIKAWA*
*Institute of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba
†sukuba University of Technology ‡sahi Kasei Construction Materials
The colours of the city: old colours and new colours
Carlos SÁENZ, Begoña HERNÁNDEZ, Coro ALBERDI, Santiago ALFONSO, José Manuel
Departmento de Física, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
Emotional Response to Interior Room Colour Attributes
- in Full-Scale Room Modelling -
Anna Katharina HIRSCHMÜLLER*, Hans IRTEL‡ Markus SCHLEGEL†õ
* Center for Doctoral Studies in Social & Behavioral Sciences, University of Mannheim
‡aculty of Social Sciences, University of Mannheim
† Institute International Trendscouting, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim
AIC 2008 Interim Meeting, Colour –Effects & Affects
Hotel Rival, Stockholm, Sweden, June 15-18, 2008
Colour/Place Association: Measuring Place-Correlation in Kyoto and Bangkok Cityscapes through Mosaic Images
Yoshinao HIRAKI*, Satoshi SAKAI*, Tetsuya SATO*, Taiichiro ISHIDA†, and Aran HANSUEBSAI‡ *Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology †Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University ‡ Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University
Study on Quantifying Signs and Advertisements of Passageway in Public Buildings:
International Comparison of Airports and Subway Stations
Yuki AKIZUKI *, Shino OKUDA**, Michico IWATA† and Takeyoshi TANAKA‡
* Faculty of Human Development, University of Toyama
** Faculty of Human Life and Science, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
†Faculty of Engineering, Setsunan University
‡Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University
Effect of Coloured Light on Atmosphere Perception
Ingrid VOGELS, Maartje DE VRIES and Thomas VAN ERP
Philips Research Europe
Chromatic Urbanscape: How specific geographical sites
affect colour and how colour has an effect on landscape, the urban fabric and architecture
Michel CLER*, France CLER*, Verena M. SCHINDLER*
* Atelier Cler Etudes Chromatiques, Paris
From intention to intuition, when colour shapes the town
Xavièe Ollier, Designer colourist and Phd reasercher , Domitille CHAVIGNY, Designer Colourist, Vanessa LEHNER, Designer Colourist, Soizic BOUCAULT, Business Development Manager.
Colour in urban image revitalization: Paiã –Brandoa, a "squat" neighborhood in Lisbon’ border
Sandra CALDAS, Luís BISSAU and Zélia SIMÕES
Portuguese Colour Association (APCOR)
Chromatic Intervention in Urban Areas : Sustainable Aspects
Marí Mercedes AVILA, Darí SUAREZ, Marcelo BALIAN, and JoséLuis CAIVANO
Institute of Color, Faculty of Architecture, Town Planning and Design,
National University of Cordoba, Argentina
AIC 2008 Interim Meeting, Colour –Effects & Affects
Hotel Rival, Stockholm, Sweden, June 15-18, 2008
Colour, texture and aesthetic preference
Manuela SOARES
Portuguese Colour Association
The Effect of Color Illumination of the Street Trees
Shino OKUDA*
* Faculty of Human Life and Science, Doshisha Women’ College of Liberal Arts
The powers of attraction of chromatic light
Markus REISINGER, Ana HUEDO * and Ingrid VOGELS*
University of Technology Delft, * Philips Research Europe
AIC 2007 Color Science for Industry
Midterm Meeting of International Color Association
12-14 July 2007, Zhejiang University, HangZhow, China
Coloured surfaces – architecture's expanded field: An inquiry into colour
application in Switzerland's contemporary architecture
V. M. Schindler
Colour as a communication device in urbanism and architecture: A case study
of the New Town of La Croix-Bonnet, Bois d'Arcy, France
M. Cler, F. Cler, V. M. Schindler
The guideline of the color plan for the facilities and landscape of seven districts
in a new administrative city in Korea
J.-S. Lee, E.-M. Jin
Cross-cultural color difference between European and Japanese streetscapes -
In the case of Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Japan -
S. Iijima, T. Inagaki, T. Naoi
AIC 2005 The 10th Congress of the International Color Association
8-13 May 2005, Granada, Spain
Colour and urban publicity in the construction of the image of the contemporary city
M. M. Ávila, M. Minervini
Instituto del Color - School of Arquitecture Urbanism and Design
National University of Córdoba
The daylight and the perceived colour appearance in the design of urban image
M. M. Avila, M. Polo, A. Incatasciato, I. Girelli,
M. M. Mariconde, D. Suarez, and G. Olguin
Institute of Colour from the School of Architecture, Town Planning and Design
of the National University of Córdoba.
Chromatictownscape: a manifesto.
Colour communication and cultural identity in urban planning and architecture
M. Cler,* F. Cler,* V. M. Schindler*
* Atelier Cler Etudes Chromatiques Urbanisme Architecture Design, Paris
Colour policy in the French Ain Region: colour studies for towns, villages and valleys
M. Cler,* F. Cler,* V. M. Schindler*
* Atelier Cler Etudes Chromatiques Urbanisme Architecture Design
Publicity’'s value on chromatic construction of the city
M. I. Girelli, M. A. Marchisio and J. E. Peralta
Colour Institute of the School of Architecture, Town Planning and Design
of the National University of Córdoba.
A study on evaluation of the interior atmospheres
and the choice of behavior with effects of lighting, color and gloss: Part 2
T. Inagaki1 and S. Iijima2
1Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Daido Institute of Technology
Nagoya (JAPAN)
2Department of Environmental and Tourism Science, Faculty of Commerce Okayama Shoka University Okayama (JAPAN)
The Successive Colour Change on Building Stone in Edinburgh
S. Iijima, T. Inagaki, T. Naoi
Okayama Shoka University (Japan)
Daido Institute of Technology (Japan)
Okayama Shoka University (Japan)
AIC 2005 The 10th Congress of the International Color Association
8-13 May 2005, Granada, Spain
Background color effect on sign visibility and recognition at transport
facilities -Surveillance study on signs in large scale railway stations in
metropolitan areas
S. Yamamoto*, S. Inoue** and K. Nishikawa*
* Institute of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba (JAPAN)
** Tsukuba College of Technology (JAPAN)
Lighting system for elderly to prevent color desaturation due to cataract crystalline lens
H. Shinoda*, T. Kawano**, Y. Matsubara**, M. Yokoyama***, T. Motoki*** and S.Inoue***
*Departament Human & Computer Intelligence, Ritsumeikan University (JAPAN)
**Yoshichu Mannequin Co. Kyoto (JAPAN)
***Kuroi Electric Co. Ltd., Kyoto (JAPAN)
Color Composition of Cityscape and its Visual Impression
T. Ishida, F. Kawaguchi
Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Kyoto University
Framing the Palette for Color Design by the Image Types in the Office Interior
J-S. Lee, E-M. Jin
Dept. of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, Chungnam National University
The Making a Guide Line of Exterior Color Design for Color Coordination in The Commercial District
J-S. Lee, M-J. Lee
Dept. of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, Chungnam National University
Three estimation types of color scheme preference
K. Maki
Department of Human Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Human Life Sciences,
Jissen Women’s University
Quantitative Dichromatic Color Harmony Rules based on Coloroid System
L. Neumann1, A.Nemcsics2, A. Neumann3
1ICREA, Barcelona and Graphics Group of Universitat de Girona, Spain
2Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
3Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics, Austria
AIC 2005 The 10th Congress of the International Color Association
8-13 May 2005, Granada, Spain
Experimental revealing of harmony correlations
definable within the colour space of Coloroid Colour System
A. Nemcsics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Enviromental Color Analysis of Sunyu-island Region in Seoul
M-j. Choi, C-s. Kim, Y-s. Park
Color design Master's course, Hong-ik University (KOREA)
Charles Henry’ Colour Circle (1888/1889) and his scientific aesthetics
V. M. Schindler
Atelier Cler Etudes Chromatiques Urbanisme Architecture Design, Paris
Perception and Sensitivity to Colour and Office Space
Characteristics After a Work Week
N. Kwallek, K. Soon
School of Architecture, Interior Design,
The University of Texas at Austin
Colour courses in architectural education and in Yıldız Technical University
R. Ünver
Yıldız Technical University, Architectural Faculty, Building Physics Department
Design process of facade colours and an application
R. Ünver
Yıldız Technical University, Architectural Faculty, Building Physics Department
Reproducing an appearance of the objects using high bright projector
S. Yamamoto1.2,M. Tsuruse2,K. Ueda2, N. Tsumura2,T. Nakaguchi2,Y. Miyake3
1 Advanced R&D Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
2 Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University
3Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Chiba University
Historic paint colors of Spanish St. Augustine
F.S. Welsh
President, Welsh Color and Conservation, Inc., and
Research Associate, Department of Geology, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania (U.S.)
AIC 2003 Color Communication ad Management
4-6 August 2003, Bangkok, Thailand
- Color Image
Making evaluation prediction model of interior finishing by CG
J.S. Lee, E.M. Jin and Y.M. Park, Chungnam National University (Korea)
- color communication
The relation between stone color and streetscape color on various blocks in a city-A case study at Ghent in Flanders, Belgium-
S.Iijima, Okayama Shoka University (Japan) and T.Inogaki, Daido Institute of Technology (Japan)
- color management
Blackness, whiteness, chromaticness : Formulas for high visibility in the modern city
G.Minah, University of Washington (USA)
- color environmental design
Evaluation of psychological images associated with colors as an aid for architectural color decision
T.Ishida and J.Sakai, Kyoto University (Japan)
- color environmental design
Effects of light sources and colors of interior elements on atmosphere in the living room
M.Miyamoto, The University of shiga Prefecture (Japan)
- colorimetry and color vision
The physiological and psychological effects of color in the interior space
H.Sakai, A.Emami, T.Shimonaka, K.Yamashita, M.Sato, Osaka City University (Japan)
AIC 2001 The 9th Congress of the International Color Association
24-29 June 2001, Rochester, NY
black : meaning and connotation in europe and africa
L.OBERASHER,F.Oberasher, oko-psy(austria)
assessment of color apperarance in photopic and mesopic illuminances based on color identification data
T.Ishida, kyoto univ.(japan)
Analysis of colors used on outdoor advertising in urban landscape : a case study on osaka city
m.takahashi, k. fujibayshi, t. shimonaka, m.sato, osaka city univ.(japan): k.sawa, japan color technology institute.
A study on evaluation of exterior colors of buildings with effects of color of foreground buildings
t.lnagaki,daido institute of technology(japan)
gender, colour, and the domestic sphere in western australia 1890-191
p.metcalfe, curtin univ, of technology(australia)
measurement of area effect by the color panel size
j.-s.lee, chungnam national univ.(korea):c.-s, kim, kriss(korea):o.y.yim. konyang univ.(korea): d.-h. lee, chungnam national univ.(korea)
increasing use of yellow colors in kyoto
m.akitam kyoto institute of technology(japan): univ. of art and design(japan)
exterior colour of the traditional northern hungarian country houses
z.karman, adiministration office of budapest(hungary)
colour-form meanings ; interconnections between perception, association, and symbolism
r.newton, liveerpool john moores univ.(uk)
arosario, a grey city
a.del rio.c.rainero. univ. nacional de rosario(argentina)
color in present culture of european architecture
v.m.schindler, univ, of zurich(switzerland)
color and urban image at the beggings of the 21st century
m.m.avila. national univ. of cordoba(argentina)
paint or color? bursa example
s.habib,n,cetinturk,gazi univ(turkey)
AIC 2001 The 9th Congress of the International Color Association
24-29 June 2001, Rochester, NY
color constrasts in advertising : facade colors of food and drink consumption venues
climate and coloured walls : in search of visual comfort
what colour is the red house?an invitation for multicultural research on colour and architecture
k.f.anter,royal institute of technology(sweden)
colour apperance in virtual reality : a comparison between a full-scale room and a virtual reality simulation
m.billger,s.d'elia, chalmers univ, of technology(sweden)
how does our visual system interpret the color of light filled in a three-dimensional space?
n.toda,t.ishida,kyoto univ(japan)
rosario,a grey city
a.del rio,c.rainero,univ,nacional de rosario(argentina)
Color research & application
Color meaning and context: Comparisons of semantic ratings of colors on samples and objects
Charles Taft, Sweden
Volume 22, Issue 1, Date: February 1997, Pages: 40-50
Image retrieval system for street-landscape images using adjectives
Tatsuya Shibata, Toshikazu Kato
Volume 32, Issue 6, Date: 15 June 2001, Pages: 62-71
A study of the emotional evaluation models of color patterns based on the adaptive fuzzy system and the neural network
Jinsub Um, Kyoungbae Eum, Joonwhoan Lee, Chonbuk National University
Volume 27, Issue 3, Date: June 2002, Pages: 208-216
Investigation of Human's Emotional Responses on Colors
Xiao-Ping Gao, John H. Xin, Hong kong
Volume 31, Issue 5, Date: October 2006, Pages: 411-417
Hue, saturation, lightness, and building exterior preference: An empirical study in Turkey comparing architects' and nonarchitects' evaluative and cognitive judgments
Ebru Cubukcu,Turkey Ilker Kahraman
Volume 33, Issue 5, Date: October 2008, Pages: 395-405
Analysis of affective factors of colored three-dimensional shapes
Takeshi Miura, Kenshi Matsuo, Toshiyuki Taniguchi
Volume 92, Issue 5, Date: May 2009, Pages: 41-54
Investigation and Analysis of Color Terms in Modern Japanese
Shoji Tominaga, Ayaji Ono, Takahiko Horiuchi
SPIE-IS&T/Vol.7528, 752804
Color naming: color scientists do it between Munsell Sheets of Color
Giordano B. Beretta, Nathan M. Moroney
SPIE-IS&T/Vol.7528, 75280V
Conceptual Color Metaphor Mapping
Jodi L. Sandford
The spatial relations of color: Linguistic categorization of LIGHT-DARK and NEAR-FAR
Jodi L. Sandford
Psychological processes influencing lighting quality
Jennifer A. Veitch
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, v. 30, no. 1, 2001, pp. 124-140
I can Tell You What Colour It Is
Jodi L. Sandford
Textus special issue, Genova: Tilgher 2010
Warm, Cool, Light, Dark, or Afterimage: Dimensions and Connotations of Conceptual Color Metaphor / Metonym
Jodi L. Sandford


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