Members Area

Welcome to the Language of Color study group Member's area of the International Color Association (AIC).

Existing members can log in to the site and access contact details of other members, newsletters, details of meetings, articles, datasets and other resources.

The membership is free and open to everyone. You can join us online by using the registration form or at the AIC meeting where we will be hosting an event.

Your name and your contact details will be only available to existing members.

Values and principles

  • The membership is free and open to everyone
  • Members can apply online or at the AIC meetings (Midterm & Congress)
  • Communication network; each member has access to the contact details of all members
  • Members’ commitment to sharing ideas and information
  • Sharing responsibility of developing the topic and adhering to the timeframe
  • Co-operation rather than competition
  • Attendance of SGLC meetings is open to anybody interested in this field


Members of the Language of Color study group can see each others full contact details. They also get priviledged access to publication and data sets.

It's free, get in touch.

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