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Posted on 2015-02-11 - link

Dimitris Mylonas, Chairman and Galina Paramei, Co-Chairwoman

Dimitris Mylonas, Chairman and Galina Paramei, Co-Chairwoman

Dimitris Mylonas has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Study Group Language of Colour of the International Colour Association. He replaces Prof Jinsook Lee who is stepping down to take over the responsibilities of Chair of the Organising Committee of the AIC 2017 Congress in Korea. Prof Galina Paramei has been named as the new Co-Chairwoman of the study group.

“It has been a pleasure being members of the group under her Chairmanship and we thank her and Prof Paul Green Armytage for their efforts and wish every success in their future undertakings.”

Dimitris Mylonas and Galina Paramei bring extensive research expertise in the cognitive aspects of colour and administration skills of public engagement events to Study Group Language of Colour. Read more

“We are delighted to be joining the Study Group Language of Colour. Our vision is to develop and maintain an international interdisciplinary network of researchers with an interest in the relationship between colour and language and to engage the public with the current progress in this area of research. We look forward in contributing to the advancement of the International Colour Association.”


Members of the Language of Color study group can see each others full contact details. They also get priviledged access to publication and data sets.

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